Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bad Asteroid

Guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan's first album which came out about 5 years ago, but I have a feeling that a good number of people have not heard of it yet. Well if you hadn't heard it, or didn't know who Guthrie was, you should check it out.

Personal favourites are "Waves", "Wonderful Slippery Thing", "Ner Ner", "Fives" and "Sevens". Guthrie combines his prowess on the fretboard with some excellent (and quirky) phrasing, which keeps the tracks technically and melodically interesting. While I can't say that I enjoyed every single track on the album, it is pretty solid. A couple of pieces also somewhat remind me of Steve Vai (particularly "Uncle Skunk"), but certainly the album has Guthrie Govan written all over it. 

The cakes were delicious and definitely not lies. A couple of days ago I happened to stumble upon a manga series called Bloody Cross by Shiwo Komeyama who used to go by the pen name Aoi Mizuki. Apparently she also drew the Star Ocean: Blue Sphere manga; good game. Um anyway, Bloody Cross follows Tsukimiya who is half-angel and half-vampire as she gets caught up in the Holy War, a "game" which determines who shall become the next collecting God's Inheritances apparently. The major candidates seem to be the full-blood angel Tsuduki and his fallen angel older brother Satsuki, who wears an eye-patch for no real good reasons other than to look cool. Other characters include the male lead, mixed-blood angel Hinata; half-human, half-angel Nao who gets on well with Tsuduki; Tsuduki's servant Hanamura who's good with guns; Full-blood demon catgirl Momose; and people whose names I don't remember.

Tsukimiya boob close-up No.I-lost-count
...No, not really. However, there's indeed something about Tsukimiya's boobs. The only logical conclusion that the cursed marks always appears on the side of her right boob is that so Shiwo can keep on having Tsukimiya pull open her top and show us her boobs...I mean her cursed mark. They also get groped repeatedly, and don't get me started on how many times Hinata and Nao have stolen kisses from Tsukimiya. Yeah it's that kind of manga...I also suspect TsudukiXHanamura. Anyways, the fights are mildly engaging. I feel the fact that everyone's trying to use each other for their own gains quite's no Death Note or Liar Game but still enough to keep me reading, but really I just want to see more boobs. Another thing was that there seem to be quite a number of half-angels, I guess angels really get around in this manga (don't they become fallen angels/Grigori?).

All in all, nothing exceptional about Bloody Cross; the drawing is okay but it does get better progressively; the plot is what plot I got distracted by boobs alright, I think it might be better if Shiwo did more research and went info dumping about all those God's Inheritances on the readers; the characters aren't bad at all; Sanae can learn a thing or two from Satsuki, who became OP after he threw away "logic" (common sense). A decent series. Read it while you wait for your instant noodles. Oh yeah the official site is here Bloody Cross Official Site (JP), contains a link to a Special Movie which isn't special at all.

Well that was a pretty terrible review but first post so yeah.