Friday, 30 September 2011

I Had An Ingenious Idea For The Title Of This Post

But I forgot what it was. Well I suppose I got a bit lazy but it's okay now since here I am, writing the last post before October comes.

You have all seen these two before, but here are some higher quality pictures of Mato and Yomi,

I almost got blinded when my friend took these pictures...bright flash is bright. Now that I think of it, I had actually pre-ordered another nendoroid which was due out at the end of this month. More on that when it gets here. And then more nendoroids.

So apparently I have and will be uploading video performances of me covering various songs on the guitar onto YouTube, as much as I dislike it and why did that sentence sound so awkward?

For your viewing pleasures. I faintly remember someone requesting a tab for it on MoTK; but it's easy enough to learn by watching I think.

Playing xi-on's songs kind of makes me want to get a 7-string guitar; while Demetori leaves me longing for an 8-string; and バンビ makes me regret giving my classical guitar to my friend.

A certain scientific magical 70's Reissue Stratocaster felt amazing though.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Parity In Partiality

Take a break from all the Touhou and whatnot doujin music, and listen to some nice instrumental covers of famous movie soundtracks,

Produced by Tak of B'z, featuring Michiya Haruhata (TUBE), Oga Yoshinobu (OOM), Masuzaki Takashi (DIMENSION) and of course Tak Matsumoto himself. The album covers various movie themes ("My Favorite Things", "Over the Rainbow", "The Godfather", "Mission Impossible Theme", "Scarborough Fair" and so on) as well as one original track which is done by all four guitarists together. My personal favourite would have to be "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" which was originally composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto for the eponymous movie, which Sakamoto himself starred in alongside David Bowie, Jack Thompson and Takeshi Kitano.

In other news I have re-recorded the guitar solo on "Because Princess Kaguya Is Scolding Me" as well as making some other adjustments. This time I decided to record the solo on my acoustic guitar since ultimately I felt the electric one didn't seem to fit very well (the sad truth however is that I can't mix it very well at all). I used my AKG D88S for recording the solo, whereas the other two short guitar breaks were recorded with Shure SM57. The D88S is super-cardioid and has a wider frequency range than the SM57; it certainly seems much louder than the SM57. I actually recorded a video as well but then I figured the resolution was not too good, so I got rid of it. Anyways the link to the updated track is included in the previous post.

Currently watching Mayo Chiki! for Subaru reasons unknown. At first I thought she was Sora from the Baldr Sky duology, but it's the same artist so yeah.

The lack of coherence in this blog is terrible.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn Fall

Not really. So here's an arrange of Minoriko's and Kaguya's themes, and my latest entry for Distant Phantasm.

I have to admit that after listening to it again, the drum beats after the key change made me feel like throwing up. I also noticed that the bass was rather overwhelming. So I decided that I should probably fix some of the problems I saw with the track.

Hopefully this is a better version; one that I won't feel the urge to tear it apart any time soon. Sorry if any of you experienced discomfort or lower back pain while listening to the original. There's so much to learn honestly.

But wouldn't you be happy too if you got a Sanae for free?