Sunday, 30 October 2011

I'm Writing This

But I don't know what to say. So here's a picture,

Sanae, making moves on blue-haired Touhous since 2007
Watch where your hand is going Sanae. Anyways I got around to uploading some more videos of me messing around on the guitar. By the looks of it, the YouTube player on the side hasn't updated yet; I'm leaving out the links since chances are if you are reading this, you were probably linked from my channel anyway. Ideally it would have been better if I played more accurately and faithfully to the original tracks, but I don't feel as committed to figuring out songs as much as I did a couple of years ago. These days I'm pretty content with just playing whatever that comes to my mind, though every now and then I try something different; it would be terrible if I get stuck inside my own small bag of tricks. I will be updating the channel irregularly with random covers; I'm thinking it's going to be mostly Touhou tracks but I'd like to do some other music as well. It's going to be fun I guess; too much fun for me maybe; the last two videos took 2 hours and 53 minutes to upload. There's a reason why I'm a bit reluctant to record long tracks.

This will be the second time I mention it but the Overloud TH2 is really good. It feels and sounds a little more authentic than AmpliTube 3 to me, but I think both software are very well-made. I don't particularly like the TH2 user interface; it's more straightforward than AmpliTube 3 but I reckon I can switch between things much faster in AmpliTube. Apart from that though I don't have anything bad to say about the TH2, the amp models sound really nice, the mics are also very well-done. Many of the presets are also very usable, which is somewhat surprising because often the presets tend to be mediocre at best. All in all I think it is a software worth getting. Blatant advertising.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

What If I Were To Write The Title Of A Novel Which Is Pretty Long And Even Though I Didn't I Still End Up With This Long Title?

What if the female manager of a high school baseball club read Peter Drucker's "Management"? Better known as Moshidora, it's a story about Minami Kawashima who takes over her best friend's position as the manager of their school's baseball team after the friend is hospitalized due to an illness. Minami, who used to love baseball but realized that women should stay in the kitchen and make sandwiches it was impossible to achieve her dream of becoming a professional player because of the differences between man and woman (seriously), so her love for the sport turned into hate instead. With no previous experience in managing teams, Minami goes to buy a book on management but ends up with Peter Drucker's business book, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices because otherwise the story would have been completely different. Soon enough Minami starts applying Drucker's concepts to managing her team, hoping that they will be able to reach the nationals.

Now I have never actually read the original novel, glanced through the manga, watched the anime or the film; I heard the novel was one of the best-selling books of 2010 but the anime received mixed reactions. However that didn't stop me from getting this (or rather from a friend as a birthday present),

Top of the world Reisen, top of the world
The very first extra-large picture in this blog. Time for celebration. Anyways, that's Minami reading Drucker's book. I will leave other poses and faces till my friend comes here with his big camera next time. Now I just need more nendoroids from shows I don't watch, but it looks like all the new ones won't be released until next year.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Back To Basics

I think not. I wonder why I'm writing this post at all but,

Yes the album cover really doesn't say much. It's an album by MANYO of Little Wing and arcane, released back at M3-10 last year. Five (female) vocal tracks with two instrumentals. The overall feel of the album is perhaps best described as haunting, or at least that's how I felt about it. Beautiful instrumentation by MANYO and emotional deliveries from the singers; it's quite a nice record to relax to.

Then there's this,

An album with a bit of everything, from trance version of "Credens justitiam" to rock instrumental of "Connect". It's a fairly decent album, mostly because Madoka had a somewhat solid soundtrack to begin with. I quite like Sayaka/Oktavia's theme for some strange reason.