Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Very Slow Scene

Chances are I will only get to do this once in our lifetime.

Once again we have come to the end of another year, almost abruptly so for me. I finished my project at last, which turned out pretty mediocre since I lost most of my motivation for it about halfway through. My supervisor was impressed with my presentation though. He actually made me chuckle a bit when he told me that I sounded more professional than usual. Personally I'm more pleased with the fact I don't have to wear my leather shoes again for quite a while. Hopefully never.

My friend sent me this Luka nendoroid as a birthday gift a couple of months ago, along with a humorous card (a cat rocking out "Happy Birthday" on a flying V). I was going to buy a Luka plushie ages ago but it was sold out every time I went to check, and after a while I just kind of forgot about it. Something just wasn't meant to be. Anyway I've actually got another present coming but like most of my preorders, won't be here till next March. It's probably worth the wait though.