Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Certain Uncertainty

Remind me to take an umbrella next time. I feel like I've been posting walls of text for far too long, so I'll make this one short and sweet.

After a few days of (unfounded) anxiety, I have finally overcome all obstacles and accomplished my goals. To celebrate this monumental moment that no one else cares about, here's a little treat for Date A Live fans from me.


Yes, higher quality scans of the Volume 4 illustrations. As far as I know, the existing scans online are badly compressed and thus look quite horrid. You just don't do that to Tsunako's art. And it's good news for Kotori fans, the fourth volume is her story after all.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Live A Date

Totally missed March, and it's only the beginning of April yet it's climax already?! I don't know about everyone else but I can feel my motivation fading away, not so slowly and very surely.

Frankly it's a bit odd but I'm going to summarize the story of the latest Date A Live volume, Miku Truth. Although I'd rather be playing Neptunia V instead.

Nightmare, Once More

Try moving your mouse over the italic texts sometimes.

Continuing on from where the sixth volume Miku Lily left off, Kurumi offers to help Shidou rescue Tohka who was captured by DEM. Kurumi says she is helping Shidou because she is looking for someone in DEM and she intends to use Shidou as a distraction. Give and take. Shidou reluctantly agrees, though Kurumi tells him that locating Tohka will take some time. Kurumi reminds Shidou that they need to first take care of Miku, who is sending brainwashed masses after Shidou. After the events of Miku Lily, Shidou thinks it's going to be very difficult to communicate with Miku. Kurumi however, wonders if Miku had always had a warped view of humanity (and men in particular). She asks Shidou to search through Miku's personal belongings and if her hunch were right, he may be able to find Miku's weakness.

Meanwhile Tohka is being interrogated by Ellen who says that DEM is preparing to launch full assault on the Tenguu Square, aiming to capture Miku and the Spirits controlled by her. Elsewhere, Origami wakes up in hospital and learns of the current situation from Mikie. Hearing that Shidou is missing, Origami feels frustrated and powerless because she's failed to protect him even though she took the risk of using the White Lycoris without permission.

At Miku's residence, Shidou is getting teased by Kurumi about him cross-dressing in Miku Lily. After some sexual harassment from Kurumi, Shidou finds Miku's music CDs, though the name on the covers reads "Tsukino Yoimachi". Listening to the CD, Shidou recognizes Miku's singing but its liveliness is very different from the entrancing voice she has now. The confused Shidou soon finds another important piece of clue, a seemingly ordinary photo of Miku. A photo that shouldn't have existed. However, Shidou knows that there is another possibility. Kurumi uses the Tenth Bullet -Yud- on the photo and CDs to peek into Miku's past, but the sound of Miku's Army Breaker Diva -Gabriel- interrupts Kurumi before she can explain to Shidou about Miku's oddity. Knowing that soon everyone in the area will be after him, Shidou and Kurumi decide to confront Miku directly.