Friday, 21 March 2014

Born Under A Bad Sign

There should be an achievement for beating the final boss in Drag-on Dragoon 3 with eyes closed. Three's DLC scenario was definitely not what I had in mind though.

Honestly this isn't what I had planned to do but the latest volume of Date A Live is quite amusing for all the wrong reasons. So here it goes. The illustration scans are here.

Origami Tobiichi

The prologue. Origami Tobiichi hadn't always been "special". She was certainly smart, and did well in academics and sports, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. At most it was just something that her parents could be proud of in parent-teacher interviews. She was good at mathematics but struggled with Japanese; she enjoyed gratin but disliked celery; and her dream was to be a cute bride (Origami please). The young Origami thought that the lovely world would go on forever. But the summer five years ago changed everything.

Well I don't think I need to reiterate the incident five years ago. Origami found her parents alive and was about to reach out to her father before something akin to bright light suddenly descended from the sky and blew her away. What remained of her parents were nothing more than small fragments. It was at that moment Origami swore that she would take revenge on the mysterious girl who killed her parents.

Origami was taken in by her aunt, who was once affiliated with AST. Through her aunt, Origami learnt about Spirits, and decided to train herself to be strong enough so that she can avenge her parents. She no longer had any weak subjects in school, and food became mere nutrients. Her dream had changed to "killing that Spirit" as well, and I don't know which one is worse. Although Origami's mind was set and she pushed herself hard to achieve her goals, there were moments that she could set her mind at ease thanks to Shidou. Her feelings for him is closer to some form of emotional dependence than love. It was through Shidou that she managed to retain a sense of herself. So even if it was because of Shidou that she ended up being hunted by AST, she did not hate him once. She joined AST to fight against Spirits, but she could not defeat them with the Realizers she had. She needed more power, so she joined DEM where she obtained cutting-edge equipment and the body for it.

The Target is Shidou

Or alternatively, and perhaps more literally, Shidou the Targeted.

A pleasant fragrance invades Shidou in his sleep. He stretches, the back of his hand meeting something warm and soft, followed by a quiet moan. Realizing that something is amiss, Shidou wakes up to find Natsumi, in her adult form, sitting next to him on his bed. Natsumi greets the startled Shidou, who has quickly backed away from her. Shidou is surprised to see Natsumi in this form, but Kotori enters the room and beats him up before he could figure out what's going on.

Kotori explains to Shidou that while Natsumi's powers have been sealed successfully, her mental strength is extremely weak and her emotions are quite unstable. As a result, her powers manifest much more easily than Tohka and the other Spirits'. Kotori tries to lecture Natsumi but they end up insulting each other about their bust sizes.

Mugino, is that you? Kotori gets caught up in the moment and remarks that even if Natsumi has a nice body after transformation, her real body is shorter and smaller than Kotori's. The remark apparently upsets Natsumi so much that she starts crying. Kotori is forced to eat her own words and admits that she is more of a shorty than Natsumi, only to realize that Natsumi has tricked her. Natsumi runs away and Kotori goes after her. As peacefulness returns to his room, Shidou decides to clean himself up.