Saturday, 30 August 2014

Good Times Bad Times

I miss missing Comiket.

Good kids go home now because the following post contains material that some readers may find arousing, boring, confronting, disturbing, emancipating, etc. and is intended for immature audience only. Viewer discretion is advised but not encouraged.

The new release from Misaki Kurehito (Cradle) and Kuroya Shinobu (Puffsleeve) was really all I wanted to get from the event, but in the end I bought a number of other things with it because I'm just impulsive like that. Well, I guess one can't have a main course without a few entrées after all. Apart from the usual event bag, piece of cradle 11 is bundled with a desk pad, a cleaning cloth and Love Live! plastic coasters, which I will probably never use. The book is fairly light content-wise and contains mostly single pages of Kurehito and Shinobu's NSFW a-r-t. It's all pretty tame but no need to thank me if you got promoted at work.