Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rust In Peace

Woke up to find my laptop has finally given up on me and stopped working. Not a good start. I lost a good portion of my work and other things as a result. Now I have nothing to show my supervisor. Not that I'm too enthusiastic about my project anyway. I guess it's good that at least the desktop is still running...

Oh well looking on the bright side, that means I might get around to do a few more summaries tonight. Maybe. I have uploaded the scans (this is just the scans) of Trojan Green Asteroid (this includes both the mp3 and scans). Or if you just want to view the images, they are here. I have replaced the link in the previous post as well.

There is indeed a story following Renko and Maribel. The titular Torifune refers to a Japanese space station that had an accident and vanished. Torifune carried many different plants and animals as a experiment to see if they could adapt to the living conditions in space. The station had an ecosystem on board and the ultimate goal was apparently to achieve terraforming? Renko says no matter how many mini ecosystems there are, it's impossible to maintain a space station without humans. Maribel says that she recently saw what's "inside" the space station (in her dream). Even though the station is said to have disappeared, there's a good chance that it's in the Lagrange point in the Earth-Moon system.