Friday, 20 February 2015

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary

It is the time for one of those posts again.

So here are the illustrations for SaeKano Girls Side and pretty pictures from Shining Blade & Ark Collection of Visual Materials because why not. Akane certainly looks different from what I had in mind and even though it's a side story, Maruto isn't going easy on us at all. To think that Eriri and Megumi ended their friendship though (in Eriri's eyes anyway), that might actually change a few things.

My head beats a better way.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Modern Meat

New year, old problems.

I was supposed to write this a month ago but it's just too easy to be lazy. So Megumi is really everywhere now. What are you planning, Maruto? Winter Comiket may be over but the fun certainly hasn't stopped. Missed out on a couple of things but got most of what I had wanted and a bit more. Apart from the pretty pictures, I suppose what I looked forward to the most were Maruto and Kurehito's comments in the new book. Jokes about Izumi bumping into Tomoya in the school corridor and (with a 1 in 10,000,000 chance) ending up in paizuri a highly compromising position aside, she and Michiru should be playing bigger roles in the upcoming volumes. Maruto's known love for married women and black tights appears to be alive and well, so perhaps Kurehito's wish for Eriri's mother to get lots of screen time will be realized soon too. Not that it helped Sayuka in any way, but that's probably an entirely different story altogether.

The part that got me the most was perhaps the theme of Volume 7 illustrations. Essentially, it's the contrast between this and this, Megumi and Eriri's crying scenes, and lastly Megumi buying a pair of glasses for Tomoya and Eriri taking them away. That's nice and all except that upon close inspection it becomes apparent that Megumi and Eriri have exactly the same hands. It gave me a good laugh, especially since there was this as well. There's something going on here and I'm not sure if anyone is prepared to learn the truth.